There are so many factors that go into good search engine optimization that it can be hard to keep track of them all. Sometimes this means that certain aspects of SEO can slip through the cracks. A good SEO strategy uses every tool available to provide a site with the biggest boost possible. One important thing to remember is the power of internal linking. It’s something that even many professionals forget, but it can be a very useful tool when you want to create the most appealing site possible.

It’s understandable if you don’t know what internal linking is. It’s a technical aspect of a site that many miss. It’s about creating value from linking inside your own site. Many people think you only get value from Google from links that come from other sites. That’s not true, you can get better rankings and better usability by making use of the pages on your own site. That’s the power of internal links.

The first step in building internal links is to determine what pages on your site have the most power. Find out what pages are linked to the most. There are a number of ways to do this, but one tool is Open Site explorer. It will give you a list of what pages on a site are most linked to. From there you want to add links on these pages that point toward pages you want to provide an SEO company Bangkok to. Now you’ve started to take advantage of internal linking.

Take advantage of the home page. Usually a home page has the most authority out of a whole site, and so any page linked from the home will see a boost. If you’re linking to high quality pages then this will make the site better for users too, since it will make it easier for them to access your best content.

Make it easy to find material that’s related. Somewhere on your pages you should add suggestions for other pages searchers might be interested in. This is the advantage of targeting a related cluster of keywords. You can build pages around them and relate them to each other. Most searchers are looking to dig deeper into whatever they’re researching and this gives them a way to do that without leaving your page.  It’s all about making it easy for users to go from one page to another. This way optimizing any one page will have a positive impact on others throughout your site.

The web can be viewed as a series of links. That’s why it’s described as a web, a structure made up of interconnected threads. Your site should represent this structure in miniature form. You want to keep users on your site for as long as possible. You do this by creating authoritative material and connecting it. Web surfers rarely stay on one page for long, the goal is to make sure that the next step on their travels is somewhere else on your site. Internal linking helps this and provides an SEO value boost if done correctly. If your content is good everyone wins when you do internal linking right.

Why Internal Links Are Important