Social selling is the newest trend in entrepreneur world and the e-commerce market is at an accelerating rate since the last few years. So how do you enter this world of the internet and online stores? Well for the first thing you will need your own website and also social media sites. Here are some tips to consider when going virtual about your business.

The appeal of loyalty programs

One way of securing customers onto your virtual store is to have a loyalty program designed to meet the needs of customers at your physical store and also the online store. If you are selling internationally then you can have two separate loyalty programs running (with catchy names of course) which caters to those who live in the same country and those who do not. Usually these loyalty programs can be even more attention grabbing if you partner with online apps and other establishments to offer more than just discounts for loyalty customers.

Professionals in digital marketing companies UAE recommend that the more extravagant the end result of the loyalty program is (like a trip to Maldives or Hokkaido or something in a similar capacity) will garner more people to actually spend to get into the loyalty program. If you have a system to show customers how they are progressing on achieving this goal, it will only entice them to spend more on your goods.


One of the biggest issues faced by anyone who posts material on the virtual sites, according to digital marketing agencies in Dubai, is the issue of piracy and online theft. So the best option to get out of the situation where your products end up in another store too, is to watermark your photographs at all times. Whether it goes on your own website or on a social media site, your copyright images should have your mark on them to ensure that a second shop with your items does not open up somewhere else.

Interaction is a key

When posting photos on social media sites one of the newer approaches taken by companies is to post somewhat personal pictures of the employees and customers interacting with SEO professionals as well. One way to do this is to take photos of your backstage or kitchen as your employees are going about the day and show the customers a peek of behind the scenes. Then there is the method of re-sharing your customer’s’ posts and tweets about your products or services. This allows potential customers to get to know your goods as well.

Social media interacting is one of the key things to ensuring potential customers become your regulars and also a way for you to spread out the word about your items for sale.

Developing Business Revenue From Online Markets